Archipelago is in need of builders. If you are an experienced player on Archipelago who is creative, can write clearly, and can commit to creating a quality well-described zone, then we may be interested in what you have to build. We are looking for unique, original, and well-described areas which fit inside Archipelago's medieval and fantasy flavored world set on islands in a sea. We are especially interested in dark, mystical, and/or evil type areas that can further enchance Archipelago's aspect of danger. We will not accept any zone that is TSR (makers of Dungeons and Dragons) related -- due to copyright concerns, nor will we accept zones that are heavily laden with sexual innuendo.

No building experience, nor programming knowledge is necessary to build on Archipelago. The only things you will need are creativity, a firm command of the English language, a willingness to be edited, and enough time to spend writing. All editing is done online, in-game with Archipelago's menu-driven editors. It would be worthwhile to look at the excellent Builder's Guidebook to see how it is all done.

Potential builders should be experienced players who has some idea of what Archipelago is about, i.e., those who are familar with the game, who know about areas, and who are familar with some of the people playing on it.

To submit building proposal, email the immortal staff of Archipelago, c/o Xero at rkchin@dorsai.org. Please include this in the subject title:

[ your_mortal's_name ] BUILDING: zone_name
Make sure the proposal is in ASCII readable text without any attachments of any sort. The proposal must contain the following information:
Name of the Area:
What is the name of the area you plan on building?
Brief Description of the Area:
What is the area about? Is it a quest?, Racial homeland?, An island? City or town?, Puzzle?, Combat?, Exploration?, "..just a small area linked off the city"?
Full Description of the Area:
Detailed description, and background information of the area. What are its main features? If the area has a story and history, please include it so we can get a better idea of what the area is about. If it is a quest zone, please provide a summary of the quest.
Major Mobs and Treasure:
What are the major mobs, and treasure to be found?
Number of Rooms in the Area:
Approximately how many rooms are there?
Relative Difficulty of the Area:
Who is the area designed for? For Avatars? Low-level types? Giants with 500hp and average weapons? Those under 40cm, and can fly?
Writing Samples:
In order to determine your writing ability, we request you submit the descriptions of at least ten rooms, five mobs, and five objects you plan on putting into your area.
Credit for the Area:
If the idea is not yours, please be nice and give credit where credit is due.
General Comments:
General comments, and anything else you would like us to know about the area, e.g., maps of the area, special procedures you envision requiring implemented, etc.
Name, Email address, and Mortal's Name:
Who are you? and what's the name of the char you play on arch?

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Sources: © Copyright 1997 by Robert K. Chin. All rights reserved.
Last revised April 12, 1997.