A R C H I P E L A G O  Player's FAQ


  1. Gaining System

    Gaining is automatic on Archipelago. With each advance in level, there is a possibility of learning new skills, and spells. In addition, every small gain of experience points immediately translates into improved health and vigour, i.e., you get more hit and movement points.

    Skills, spells, and weapons proficiencies can be improved upon through training received at a guild, and through hard self-practice. When practicing in a guild, use the 'LEARN', 'STUDY', and 'TRAIN' commands to improve. Learn is used to learn skills, Study is used to study spells, and Train is used to train weapons.

    There are many skills available from guildmasters scattered all over the land. The types of skills currently available can be divided into Warrior, Horseman, Thief, Ranger, Inquisitor, and Arcane.

  2. Ars Magica Spell System

    Magic on Archipelago is unique, it is based on the Ars Magica game system published by Atlas Games. There are fifteen magical arts divided into five Techniques and ten Forms that, along with Magical Theory, form the arcane body of knowledge we refer to as magic.

    Spells are composed of formulas combining a Technique and a Form. These combinations are merely classificatory, and not used to invoke the spell itself, e.g., the "Discern Image of Truth and Falsehood" spell is Intellego Imagonem magic. Spells are invoked as follows:

    INVOKE -nogesture -novoice -vis '<spell>' <target>

    The -nogesture, and -novoice are optional. Its use in spell casting will increase the 'cost' of the spell, where cost is an increased chance of botching and lessened spell effectiveness. The -vis option attempts to incorporate all Vis items currently held or worn on the body.

  3. Survival Tips

    There are several tips to make your stay on Archipelago a fun one. First and foremost is to read the room description. Sometimes there are clues found in the room that may save your life, as well as to make your stay on Archipelago more enjoyable. Second, is to explore your surroundings and to try out new things. Grouping is another tip for survival. When in need, peruse the help files, and if you are still puzzled, ask for help.

    There is also a beginner's guide to Archipelago that may be of use to some.

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