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The Parade Route
After several hours of preparations, and rallying, the parade began at around 1pm going across 59th Street toward Lexington Avenue. That day, because of construction between Park and Lexington the march detoured up Park to 60th St, where it crossed over to Lexington Ave (Bloomingdales). Originally, the police allocated two traffic lanes for the parade, not much. After negotiation, the sidewalk was included, and a delay ensued as police lines were rearranged. Finally, the parade started its grand march down Lex on its way to the Citicorp Building at 53rd Street, site of rally point number two. There were a large number of protesters at Citicorp, those that didn't want to stay, staggered away over to 2nd Ave, down toward 46th Street, and after another short delay, west again to Park Avenue, and the Waldorf.

There were some arrests that day, and police harassment at what was supposed to be a peaceful march. For details of the day's events and arrests, view the logs at the NYC IndyMedia Center.

The parade and march begins! On 59th and Park.

The different worlds that are possible. On Park Avenue.

Starting down Lexington Avenue.

The Statue of Liberty.

This puppet is the sole survivor from the police raid of the Ministry of Puppetganda puppet factory the night before the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. (It is attached to two hands, see photo #48 above).

Faceless victims of war.

"Farmers under attack."

Mr. Lay and the Enron paper shredder.

Tools to build a better world.

The Radical Rockettes on Lex, around 1:30pm

"Peace and Justice are the only Security" banner

This huge 40-foot dragon came from Washington DC.

socialist revolutionaries.

I painted this Peace banner.

"Bad Capitalist. No Martini. W.E.F. Go Home!"


A huge anti-wef banner.

Handmaiden puppet.

Hat and drums.

Just another faceless bureaucrat.

The Radical Rockettes on 46th Street, 3:30pm.

A few of the capitalists with their gigantic goblets drinking from the Earth.


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