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The Rally before the March
The anti-WEF rally and march was designed to be a peaceful rally with the idea of using street theater and puppetry to diffuse tension between the protesters and the police. It was organized by Another World is Possible, and permitted by the police. Many puppets and banners were locally made in coordination with Arts in Action. Thousands of people turned out for the parade. The police estimated a mere 7000, but realistically, it numbered over ten thousand. Despite the large numbers, too few minorities were seen. A few people asked me how I felt about that. It seems true, I think more leafletting and outreach to our diverse communities should have been done. I only heard about preparations for the anti-wef from a brief mention in the New York Times, the Village Voice, and searching the net -- which lots of people don't have access to -- looking for more information. The mainstream was even more clueless.

10am, at the Arts In Action space on 12th Ave. The puppets were all loaded onto trucks, and those with cellphones travelled along. Everyone involved had the legal number written on their arm in case of trouble today. It would take about 20 minutes to get across town, but unfortunately, it took over an hour; they were stopped en route by police at Columbus Circle. After sorting that matter out, the trucks finally arrived and were unloaded for the rehearsals.

Motorcycle cops to provide escort along the way. T'was tough for those marching along the left hand side of the parade route. Many had to endure car exhaust fumes.

Banner on GM (genetically modified) food. Unfortunately, this was the only banner in the parade dealing with that issue. My corn puppet wasn't finished in time to make it into the parade.

"Peace, you are not alone."

Barry's puppet of a vulture (kenneth lay) preying upon on the world.

Getting ready.

We made sure all signs were affixed to cardboard tubes as the nypd does not allow wooden sticks in protests. And as it turned out, the first thing the police did when we unloaded the car WAS to check our protest signs, they were looking to see if any wood was used.

A giant puppet.

Puppets getting ready to march.

The Sun took over a week to create. Amy did a great job painting the face.

Historic 20-year old puppet made by Bread and Puppet Theatre for a women's action against the Pentagon in the early 1980's. Here to give the finger to the WEF. -- thanks to Carmelina Cartei for the info.

Getting ready, at the rally.

The Another world is possible banner. michael did the lettering, debra the illustrations, I did the design, and everyone helped paint it. After the rally, it didn't make it into the parade???

Another world is possible spokeswoman.

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