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I have submitted several of these photos to here is new york.

Maps of the World Trade Center's plaza & underground mall.

I woke up that morning with someone shouting about a building collapse, I thought it was some old tenement that had collapsed due to the heavy storms the previous night. I turned on the tv, all channels dead except one, and there it was, one of the towers engulfed in smoke, it's twin lay in a smouldering ruin. Minutes later, it too fell. Stunned silence. Who did I know worked at wtc?
At Chambers Street, West Side Highway staging area 1/2 mile from ground zero, 1pm. Behind the police officer is a damaged patrol car pulled from the disaster site. Above, F-16's patrolled the skies.
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Firemen at Chambers Street, West Side Highway staging area pointing to the massive smoke and ash rising up from the disaster site, 1.00pm.
Auxillary captain, West Side Highway staging area, 1.00pm.
The view from Manhattan Bridge, 3.00pm.
Tour missing in action, september 12, 2001.
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Message scrawled in chalk on sidewalks all over the Upper East Side by street artist, september 12, 2001.
Cheering the rescuers, in the West Village along the West Side highway, September 13, 2001.
Makeshift missing persons wall outside a pizza shop in the Village.
Candlelight vigil at Union Square. Hundreds had gathered to light candles for the missing, and remember the lost. People have scrawled their thoughts in chalk in the ground.
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Missing persons wall at Union Square.
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Tech info: Nikon FM2n with Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, and Nikkor 105mm f/2.5. Shot on Fuji Reala, and scanned from print.

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