A R C H I P E L A G O  New Features and Code

This page lists the new features and code changes that are taking place right now on Archipelago.

New Features and Code Changes:
97-02-25. Major quest zone, Desnir's Keep (by Blaxzel) open.
"The news is dire indeed. Hordes of ravening barbarians have descended upon northern Archipelago and are despoiling the countryside. In an unprecedented move, King Alastair has allied with the forces of Abernach, and a joint Lamman-Abernach-Wivernhoe force, under the command of the local magnate, Lord Desnir, has been sent to the pass controlling access to the barbarian lands. Casualties have been high and reinforcements are urgently needed if civilisation is to be preserved from the horde. The King has commanded that anyone who can prevent an invasion of Lamman be awarded a great treasure. The finest craftsmen in the land will fashion a unique artefact for the victor, designed by the victor. God go with you all." -- a royal herald
97-02-17. Dynamic Mob Language code (DML 2.0) version update.
mobs can now run multiple scripts, or threads, at once. - code by Fwiffo.
97-02-17. Dual wield reworked. - code by Olor.
97-02-04. Steal code reworked. Ability to steal is now modeled along a
normal pdf (bell curve), with success/failure based on level as well as skill. - code by Fwiffo.
96-12-05. A new skill, "campfire", is available which will allow you to
camp/rent out in the wilderness. - code by Azalar.
96-oct.nov.. New spells added, type 'help grimoire' while in the game.
level 40 MuTe, level 40 MuCo, level 70 MuAu, level 200 ReAu, level 50 PeAn, level 110 CrAu.
96-11-10. Dynamic Mob Language code (DML 0.9b) has been added.
Builders can script their own mobs on-the-fly. - code by Fwiffo.
96-10-20. Drunk code added.
Your speech will now be slurred if you become drunk. - code by Imagica.
96-10-09. Emotes were improved slightly to allow possessives ('s).
Make sure there is no space between the word "emote" and the apostrophy "s". e.g., emote's flustered ostrich tries to bite you.
96-10-04. The 'stand' command was improved slightly.
Sleeping people can now awake into a standing position instead of simply 'wake'ing up into a resting position. 'Bravo' roll added to the game. - changes by Magnifico.
96-late sept.. New zones opened.
Ceredan Keep (by Oddball), Wivernhoe Highway (by Oddball). Shanty Town (by Tzu). 'Silent' roomflag added to game.
96-09-29. Player self-descriptions have been lengthened.
Descriptions can contain a max of 640 chars -- about 8 lines.
96-09-29. Ok, the immortals have voted!, we have agreed to accept a site at mystik.net.
Beginning October 5 or 6, Archipelago will be hosted at mystik.net 2895 ( 2895). The non-US players have found the site acceptable and non-lagging, and we have found the terms for using the site agreeable. We were forced to do a player purge because the player files are incompatible on a LINUX os -- Archipelago had been running temporarily on ruby.ils.unc.edu, an AIX machine. If you had a character on ruby, there will be a reimbursement for gold, levels, pracs and eq. We will not be using the old player files from island.essex.ac.uk.
96-09-25. Magic foods code have been added.
There are foods that makes you grow, and foods that makes you hungrier. Other types will be added later, like shrinking foods (ala Alice in Wonderland). - code by Gurmo.
96-08-28. New coders were added for Archipelago feature coding,
and for eventual update to circle 3.0 in order to take advantage of some features found therein.
96-08-28. Height and weight are now unified under the english system of
feet, inches, and pounds, instead of the old mixed unit system of centimeters, and pounds. - change by Magnifico.
96-08-26. Archipelago moves to ruby.ils.unc.edu, and is looking
for a better site. meanwhile, source code transfer to ruby along with limited time public ftp of source.
96-08. Percentage-based zone reset system implemented.
- one of last things by Ponder.

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