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May something, 1997
Archipelago is now located on a server in the uk. The new site, 2895 (ip is 2895 was provided for using money donated by Pilgrim, among others. We thank the sysadmin at for temporarily housing us prior to the move, but unfortunately, there was not enough bandwidth available to sustain many players playing at once.

Unfortunately, the multitude of server changes, from to to the latest,, has sent Archipelago into a watery grave. A loyalty split in the ranks of the immortals between the "old guard" and "new" had crippled the mud, and ensured its death. It was the immortals and players which made the game what it was, not only the areas, and world files. There was a sense that one could login to Archipelago, meet up with some friends, play, or socialize awhile without much interference from the immortals. Among the imms, there used to be a strong sense of camaraderie -- as comrades from similar backgrounds -- where one could air their differences, as well as fight without suffering much hard feeling. One change, that from one having fun to one being serious, had forever changed the game of Archipelago.

On a personal note, because of the split in the immortal ranks, and also because of the inexperience of the new implementors now running Archipelago i.e., Tzu and Azalar, who deleted and made unwelcome many imms termed "deadweight" -- most of them the original founders of the mud -- not to mention massive player bannings of people who did not agree with their views, I can no longer be a part of the mud, as I too am part of the "old guard". Its no fun being alone when those that you know has either left for good, was deleted, or was banned. There is noone to talk with, noone to guide, and noone to influence and be influenced.

I just wanna say thanks to all who had spent time in my areas, and had enjoyed it. To all the players, avatars, and imms who began life at and stuck with us time and time again, especially Ansalon, Eq, Grace, Kalliste, Magnifico, Ponder, Ratatosk, Saladin, its was a long, rollicky, and most excellent voyage we've been on. Unfortunately, the ship had sunk; there is noone BOTH willing AND able enough to properly run the mud. There shall never be another like Archipelago, so goodbye. For those who care, the mud'z also running at 2895.

This is also my last update of the faqs. n.b., I would appreciate it greatly that you don't try copying this site, sticking it elsewhere and calling it your own, coz i'll make sure you'll pay dearly if you do..

-- Rob (a.k.a. Xero)

p.s. banning, snooping, and harrassment are the tools of the weak and insecure.

(the stuff below is archive material)

April 21, 1997
Ok,.. after had bid us goodbye by locking us out without giving us a reason why, we have accepted a new site at 2895 (ip is 2895). The machine is hooked up to the net via an ISDN link (64kbit/s), and may appear slow at times, but nevertheless, we thank our new sysadmin for providing this free site. Note: the backup of Archipelago is slightly dated by a few weeks, but we will get back up to speed pretty soon. Also, there will be a pwipe of all level ones, as they seem to comprise a significant majority of the player database.

September 29, 1996
Ok, the immortals have voted!, we have agreed to accept a site at Archipelago will be hosted at 2895, (ip is 2895). The non-US players have found the site acceptable and non-lagging, and we have found the terms for using the site agreeable. We were forced to do a player purge because the player files are incompatible on a LINUX os -- Archipelago had been running temporarily on, an AIX machine. If you had a character on ruby, there will be a reimbursement for gold, levels, pracs and eq. We will not be using the old player files from

August 26, 1996
Starting late August 1996, Archipelago will no longer be running at 24 ( 24), but at 2895, ( 2895). The primary reason for the move is because Ponder has quit his job at Essex Uni. His boss was not so kind to him, and he wasn't so happy in a situation such as his. so he left, and in doing so, had to abandon his work computer which housed Archipelago up until late August 1996. The move to is only temporary, and expected to last only a few months until we find a good stable free site to code and build on.

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