A R C H I P E L A G O  Immortal Command Book

This guide explains all of the non-building commands available to immortals.

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I. Archipelago levels overview:

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II. Non-building wizhelp commands:
Usually, you can abbreviate the first few letters. Anything in < > is required. Anything in [ ] is optional. The | symbol means OR. Immediately following each command is the minimum level needed to use it, and whether or not the command is logged (see syslog comments). Some of the non-building commands available at the builder level are also shown here.

ADVANCE <name> <level>
advance a person to the specified level. (overlord+, logged)
BAN [ ALL | NEW | SELECT ] <site>
ban a site. 'ban select' will only allow those with a SITE_OK flag to login. type 'ban' alone to see which sites are banned, if any. (daemon+, logged)
shows the real date and time.
DC <socketnumber>
disconnect a socket number found in the 'users' table. 'dc' will disconnect a live player in the game, just like 'purge', but it will not force a player's eq to be dumped on the ground. Ideally, this command is used in getting rid of stray and unconnected logins, i.e., connections which stay at the "color select", "get name", "get password", or "main menu" for an extended period of time. (bodhisattva+, logged)
ECHO <text>
echo something into the room. (builder+, logged)
FORCE <name> <action>
force a mob or person to do something. useful in equiping mobs before zsaving them, and useful for roleplaying purposes. (builder+, logged)
FREEZE <person>
"freezes" a person and prevents him/her from doing anything until 'thaw'ed. Obviously this is a disciplinary command that should be used with care, and in extreme circumstances. (daemon+, logged)
GECHO <text>
echo something into every room of the game. (daemon+, logged)
GOTO [ name | roomnum ]
go to someone, or to a room number. (avatar+)
display the immortal rules of conduct. (builder+)
toggle this command to see dark rooms, and hard-to-see players. (builder+)
INVIS [level]
the command the immort uses when s/he doesn't want to be bothered. (builder+)
KNIGHT <person>
title a person. Roleplaying command. (daemon+)
LAST <person>
the name, level, host id, and last login date of a person. (daemon+)
LINK_LOAD <person>
load someone from the player files. (implementor, logged)
display the message of the day. (mortal+)
MUTE <person>
prevents someone from using 'gossip' when s/he was abusing it. (daemon+, logged)
toggle this command to prevent aggr mobs from bothering you. (builder+)
toggle this to be summonable by players. don't bother, there are no summoning skills or spells. (builder+)
NOTITLE <person>
prevents someone from using the 'title' command when s/he was abusing it. (daemon+, logged)
PAGE <person> <text>
sends a message (with an accompanying beep) to a person. (daemon+)
PARDON <person>
pardons a person set with a "killer", or a "thief" flag. (daemon+, logged)
PURGE [name]
purge, with a name argument, will purge that obj/mob. purge, without arguments, will purge the entire room. purge on players will kick a player, sans eq., out of the game and into the main menu. (builder+, player purging is logged)
REBOOT < file | * >
reads a text file from disk. If the "*" option is selected, then the game reads all files. Valid text files that can be rebooted into memory are: "wizlist, news, credits, building_h, motd, imotd, help, infopolicy, handbook, background, xhelp". (implementor)
RENTACHAR <person>
forces a link_dead person into rent (with no rent charges). (overlord+, logged)
doesn't work.
RESTORE <name>
restores the hit and move points of a mob or person. restore on immortals will set all stats, skills, and spells levels to 30, and it will also get rid of a few mortal pecularities such as hunger and thirst messages. (daemon+)
use this command to exit out of a 'switch'ed body.
SEND <text> <name>
echo something specifically to someone. (daemon+)
SET [ [ PLAYER | FILE ] <name> <set option> <value> ]
set is a powerful command used to set characteristics affecting both mobs and players. use 'set player' to specifically target a player, and not a mob, that is in the game. use 'set file' to target a player that is not in the game. type 'set' alone to see what options are available to you. (daemon+, logged)
SHOW [infotype]
type this alone to see what info type is available to you. (mortal+)
used to either reboot, close down, or pause the game. default 1 minute reboot time. (implementor, logged)
doesn't work because archipelago uses a different skill system than stock circlemud.
toggle the name_server_is_slow setting. if yes, then the name server will not resolve numeric ip addresses into host names. Not involving the name server may speed up the game slightly. (implementor)
SNOOP <name>
snoop a person, or a person switched into a mob. Use rarely, with care, and only as a disciplinary command. (djinn+)
silly immortal social.
STAT [ MOB | OBJ ] <name>
stat a mob, object, or player that is in the game. this command defaults to stating a mob or player, unless you specifically use 'stat o' for objects. (builder+)
STRING < OBJ | CHAR > <name> <field> [text]
rename an object, person. (implementor)
SWITCH <name>
switch into a mob to roleplay it. hopefully in the future, this command will be available at the builder level. NOTE, link_dead players can be switched into, but don't unless there is a compelling reason to do so. (daemon+, logged)
toggle this to edit another zone if you have one. (bodhisattva+)
toggle how much system log spam you want to receive. Syslog messages include who is logging in/out of the game, which zones are resetting, and who are using certain wiz commands. (builder+)
TELEPORT <name> < roomnum | name >
teleport a mob/person to either a room, or a person. (daemon+)
THAW <person>
"thaws" out a "frozen" -- 'freeze' affected -- person. (daemon+, logged)
TRANSFER [ ALL ] <name>
transfer a mob/person to you. (builder+, logged)
remove any and all effects from a mob, or person. (daemon+)
UNBAN <site>
unban a site. (daemon+, logged)
display how long Archipelago has been up and running. (mortal+)
display brief info on who is logged into the game. (builder+)
WHERE [name]
this is not listed as a wizhelp command, but it is a immortal command nonetheless. The command tells you where things and players are located. Typing this command alone will show you the location of all active players in the game. (builder+)
WHOHAS <vnum>
greps the player files looking for a specific object. A list of who has the item is returned. NOTE, the command has to look through the entire player database, and will cause the game to lag heavily. (overlord+)
WIZLOCK [level]
allows only those players with the same or higher level, than that set on wizlock, to login. wizlock is probably used in an emergency when something really goes wrong. (implementor)
wiznet options are [ #<level> | + | - | @ ] <text>.
the immortal's talk channel. the "#<level>" option restricts your message to those with that minimum level. "@" shows all gods that are on (same as typing 'who'). "+" turns on wiznet, "-" turns it off (same as nowiz). (builder+)
ZEDIT [zonenum]
edit a zone's characteristics. the name of the zone, its repop time, its repop type (toggle 0 for no reset, toggle 1 for reset if no players are in the zone when it resets, toggle 2 for normal repop), the max number of rooms the zone can contain, and its open/closed status. (daemon+)
ZRESET < . | * >
if the "." option is used, force the zone you are currently standing in to reset. if the "*" option is used, force the entire world to repop. (djinn+, logged)

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III. Set flags:
From act.wizard2.c

  set flag     PC/mob   value   comments
 "brief"        PC     BINARY
 "invstart"     PC     BINARY
 "title"        PC     MISC
 "quest"        PC     BINARY
 "colour"       PC     BINARY
 "align"        BOTH   NUMBER
 "gold"         BOTH   NUMBER
 "bank"         PC     NUMBER
 "drunk"        BOTH   MISC
 "hunger"       BOTH   MISC
 "thirst"       BOTH   MISC
 "killer"       PC     BINARY
 "thief"        PC     BINARY
 "nowizlist"    PC     BINARY
 "nodelete"     PC     BINARY

  set flag     PC/mob   value   comments
 "nosummon"     PC     BINARY
 "mana"         BOTH   NUMBER
 "maxhit"       BOTH   NUMBER
 "maxmana"      BOTH   NUMBER
 "maxmove"      BOTH   NUMBER
 "str"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "stradd"       BOTH   NUMBER
 "int"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "wis"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "dex"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "con"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "sex"          BOTH   MISC
 "ac"           BOTH   NUMBER
 "hitroll"      BOTH   NUMBER
 "damroll"      BOTH   NUMBER
 "nohassle"     PC     BINARY
 "compact"      PC     BINARY
 "roomflag"     PC     BINARY
 "loadroom"     PC     MISC     you gotta "set <player> loadroom on"
                                to enable the flag!
 "maxpower"     BOTH   NUMBER
 "power"        BOTH   NUMBER
 "height"       BOTH   NUMBER
 "weight"       BOTH   NUMBER
 "hometown"     BOTH   NUMBER

  set flag     PC/mob   value   comments
 "exp"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "level"        BOTH   NUMBER
 "practices"    PC     NUMBER
 "lessons"      PC     NUMBER
 "hit"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "move"         BOTH   NUMBER
 "foc"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "chr"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "per"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "gui"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "luc"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "stopping"     BOTH   NUMBER
 "debug"        PC     BINARY   toggle debug info for magic system
 "zone"         BOTH   NUMBER
 "zone2"        PC     NUMBER
 "zone3"        PC     NUMBER

  set flag     PC/mob   value   comments
 "name"         PC     MISC
 "race"         BOTH   MISC
 "passwd"       PC     MISC
 "idnum"        PC     NUMBER
 "time"         BOTH   NUMBER
 "idle"         PC     NUMBER
 "siteok"       PC     BINARY
 "deleted"      PC     BINARY
 "dev"          BOTH   NUMBER
 "fame"         BOTH   NUMBER
 "holylight"    PC     BINARY
 "invis"        PC     NUMBER

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IV. System log comments
All game errors, deaths, game crashes, and a select few god commands are automatically logged to disk. In case something goes wrong with the game, or someone complains about someone, the system logs can be dug up and used as a reference in order to interpret the sequence of events leading up to the incident. Many immort commands are logged because the implementors and overlords do not have time, nor want, to police you. You should be able to police yourselves.

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V. Shop creation and editing
Shop creation and editing are available to overlord+. use the SEDIT command.

Shop Number: 11018
this is the reference number of the shop you are editing.
(K)eeper: vnum of the shopkeeper.
(R)oom: where is the shop located?
use -1 if the shopkeeper wanders around.
(T)rades: what object types does the shopkeeper buy/sell?
Profit (B)uy: this is the "markup", the percentage extra the player can expect to pay on items purchased from this shop, i.e., the shopkeeper's profit.
(S)ell: this is how much the player will get when selling something to the shopkeeper.
t(E)mpers: don't bother with this part..
(1) what does the shopkeep do when someone can't afford an item?
choose 0 to have shopkeeper recite the message listed below.
choose 1 for the default message. choose 0!!
(2) what does the shopkeep do when someone is trying to kill it?
choose 0 for dumb message.
choose 1 for another even dumber message. choose 0!!
(O)pen: the hours the shop is open/close/siesta.
(1) 0
(2) 0
(1) 28
(2) 0
Messages: shop message strings, keep the %s and %d codes intact.
(1) No such item 1:
message to player if shop doesn't that item.
%s I don't have that item.
(2) No such item 2:
message to player if you don't have that item.
%s You don't have that item.
(3) Do not buy:
message to player if the shop doesn't buy such items.
%s I do not traffic in tawdry pawn shop merchandise.
(4) Missing cash 1:
message to player if shop can't afford something.
%s Oh dearest.. I am unable to afford such an item.
(5) Missing cash 2:
message to player if s/he can't afford it.
%s Oh my.., you cannot afford it.
(6) Message buy :
message to player if s/he buys something.
%s Here you are,.. for %s,.. be careful now.
(7) Message sell :
message to player if s/he sells something.
%s I will give you %s for it.
(P)roducing: the shop can produce and sell up to five items with no limit.
(Q)uit. quit shop editor

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