A R C H I P E L A G O  Player's FAQ


  1. Useful commands:

  2. Some mini-rules we ask that you observe

    A few basic rules are necessary to promote a smooth and easy going atmosphere in the game. Archipelago is basically tolerant and flexible toward players as long as you are not using foul, abusive, or sexist language on any public channel, harrasing people, flagrantly cheating, or are knowingly abusing bugs for personal benefit.

    Also, we ask that you do not "tell the stats" about objects, areas, and/or mobs, over public channels such as gossip and auction. You may only describe the items in vague non-numeric terms. The builders on Archipelago have worked hard to create their own little worlds, and would like to see the mystique of their areas preserved for as long as possible.

  3. Complaints, Bugs, Comments, Ideas

    You can post your complaints, bugs, comments, etc. to the various boards located around town. You can also use mudmail and tells if necessary. The immortals are constantly improving the game, and your opinions, insights, and criticisms are always welcome. Also note that the immortals here are fair and openminded to all, or at least try to be if they are not at the moment. They hope that you too will be fair and openminded toward your fellow players.

  4. Who has made Archipelago possible?
    (note: if any imm wants to be linked off from this page, drop me a note)
    island.essex.ac.uk immortals
    • Implementors - Arg, Kalliste, Ponder, Scarrow
    • Overlords - Magnifico, Xero
    • Djinns - Ansalon
    • Daemons - Ratatosk, Saladin
    • Bodhisattvas - Grace, Hanrahan, Kit
    • Builders - Bog, Bollo, Clovis, Morgano, Oddball, Phobos, Plasma, Savant, Silva, Sorrow, Toreshana, Triton, Tullen, Vurt,

    recent additions
    • Amarantha, Aod (site host), Azalar (coder), Blaxzel, Fwiffo (coder), Goliath (coder), Gurmo (coder), Imagica (coder), Jolanda, Nebiros, Olor (coder), Task (coder), Pilgrim, Tzu (custodian -- head impl),

    Retired, and/or missing
    • Juma, Byman, Caliph, Esor, Kecis, Lorelai, Srex, Staffa, Torian, Yurian

  5. When did the mud open?

    Archipelago began building, coding, and beta-testing early in 1994, and opened officially on January 15, 1996.

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